The Future Is Cold (Instrumental Album)

by DeadBeat



Runtime: 67 minutes

These are the instrumentals from my post-apocalyptic hip hop industrial robot dance album - The Future Is Cold. The vocal/finished version will be posted as I get it done.


released August 1, 2013



all rights reserved


DeadBeat Toledo, Ohio

Rapper/Producer turned Writer/Filmmaker/Composer, R.W. Martin's music, under the alias of Deadbeat, ranges from all varitites of Hip-Hop instrumental, Electro, Soundtrack Scores, Experimental, Industrial, EDM, 80's Synth Revival, and whatever else he can mash together. Sometimes using samples, sometimes all original - Deadbeat music is always unique & waiting to show you new worlds. ... more


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Track Name: (demo) Enter the Gridworx w/ Vocals
Intro – Spoken – (Instructional Voice / Robotic)
-Start 2nd bar
What you are about to experience
Is a psychologically interactive guide into the world of tomorrow
For the people of today

-Start 2nd bar
The future is a cold and mechanized world
A tribute to the technological advances and economic failures
Of past generations
Advancements in the fields of
Aeronautics, Cybernetics, and Robotronix
Has not only brought us cyborgs and made space travel affordable
But has also quadrupled man’s ability to store information

-Start 2nd bar
These new programs are being downloaded into your psyche as I speak to you
So please, relax
And prepare to enter – the Gridworx

Chorus – Rap (Angry/Commanding)
You lose the body, you lose the mind
You lose the time, you lose control
You sell your soul to the city
City - city
You lose the body, you lose the mind
You lose the time, you lose control
You sell your soul to the city
City - city
The future is cold, the people are fake
Its robots and Botox, a collective mind state
The future is cold, the threats are all real
Its layer cakes and ankle weights and we are men of steel

Spoken – (Quiet / Lax daze)
-Over 8 bars
Steel running
All is quiet in the machine

Verse 1 – Rap (Teacher-like Voice / Robotic )
And then there’s a word, the word is spoken loudly
All the workers hear that word and wear that word proudly
Then there’s discussion and thought production
And then we rush in with so much destruction
Then the wheels, start to turn
Gears to start grind the word, ears start to burn
Now everyone’s evolved, lucky you
It’s a world of clones, monkey see - monkey do
But what’s that monkey doing, yeah that one right there
Grabbing handfuls of his own shit and throwing it in the air
Make it rain!
Cuz when it rains it pours
Beyond the city doors, Waste lands and nuclear turf wars

Spoken – (Quiet / Lax daze)
-Over 8 bars
And the fire fights light the night
You catch lasers in your hair

The sun hesitates to rise
As machines of the city begin their daily grind

Spoken – (Instructional Voice / Robotic)
The workers of the world are linked into a global network data system which calculates and decrypts the location and skills of each individual within the working system. This network is the Gridworx. From the center of the Gridworx, network carpenters command and control workers in their everyday tasks. At sunrise the workers of the Gridworx will begin their shift and if you listen close enough, you can hear the machines that run your city making their music right beneath your feet.

Spoken – (Quiet / Lax daze)
-Over 4 bars
Sprockets, gears and fan belts
Pulleys and levers and everything else
Layers of atmosphere burned gone
…The machine turns on

Spoken – (Quiet / Lax daze)
-Over 4 bars
Workers chant every snare

The machine turns on
And the world powers up

Spoken – (Instructional Voice / Robotic)
-Over 4 bars
So while you are her with us
Please, take in the sights and the sounds
That we have worked so hard to achieve
Thank you and believe in tomorrow
Track Name: Captain Wowzer
maybe later
Track Name: Night Wired
Lyrics Coming Soon.
Track Name: A Most Glorious Defeat
Lyrics and vocals coming soon.